Milestones for your and our success

Over the years DECA has grown into a worldwide leader of rigid packaging with a focus on the food, cosmetics, pet and DIY industries.  Based in Belgium, it operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. DECA products are used worldwide in more than 30 countries. These are DECA’s milestones.

1978 - How it all started

In 1977 Jos De Cat and his wife Maria Smeyers acquired the Brussels based ‘Office Technique Jauss’, a company specialized in butchery machines and the sale of packaging, both metal cans and glass. Renamed ‘Decatechnic’, it laid a solid foundation for future growth.

1985 - Move to Herentals

Only 7 years later, a newer and larger building for Decatechnic was needed. It was found in Herentals, which has remained DECA’s home base till today.

 1989 - Introduction of DECAPAC

By the early 90’s, plastic had become a key material used in food packaging. Ready-made meals were gaining popularity, the demand for packaging ever increasing. Decapac was set up as a separate sales entity, dedicated to the growth of plastic packaging, where Decatechnic continued its focus on equipment and metal packaging.

1992 - Further expansion

To support further growth, DECA invested in the expansion of the production hall from 1,500 m² to 5,000 m² (16,000 to 54,000 sqft). More space, more opportunity.

1999 - Going international

By the end of last century, DECA’s plastic packaging range had now expanded significantly, more sizes, more shapes, more solutions. It transformed DECA, from what once was a Belgian importer/distributor of packaging, into a packaging company active throughout Europe and beyond.

2005 – Manufacturing capability

The acquisition of ‘Pic Plastics LTD’ in Tienen, one of DECA’s subcontractors, transformed DECA into a manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging. Immediate major investments modernized the production facilities, and stringent quality processes were adopted - ISO900 and BRC standards.

2011 – Mold build capability


With the acquisition and integration of ‘PTNA - Precision Tools & Automation’, DECA brought in-house the capability to design, build and maintain both molds and machine parts.

2013 - New plant and head office

Fueled by its international growth, DECA built a brand new ‘state-of-the-art’ 20,000sqm (215,000sqft) manufacturing plant with offices, on 7.5 acres of newly acquired land.

Throughout the facility sustainability is key, creating a very low ecological footprint. In addition to quality and service, sustainability is part of DECA’s DNA.

2016 - Opening sales office in Atlanta, Georgia

2018 - 1 brand for all packaging solutions

DECA, a global player. Big in service and logistics, and with revenues close to 40m USD, DECA exports to more than 37 countries. But, DECA remains as approachable as any family business, always at the service of its customers.

With its ultra-modern production facility DECA designs, develops and builds the eco-friendliest packaging for the food industry. DECA is ready for the future!

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